Breakfast Brunch Café FAQ!

What type of support do I get with a Breakfast Brunch Cafe franchise?

You get access to our brand, recipes & procedures, vendors, training, store build-out & trade dress, website, social media, online ordering, gift card program, etc.


What are the Breakfast Brunch Cafe franchise fees?

Our initial franchise fee is $30,000 per location. Our continuing royalty fee is 5% of gross sales and our brand fund contribution and local advertising fees total 1% of gross sales.


Can I secure a territory to develop multiple Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

Depending on your qualifications, we will award franchises for multiple restaurants (under an area development agreement).


What is the typical size of a Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

The ideal size is 2,500 square feet, plus an outdoor patio. Depending on the location, we will consider as low as 2,200 square feet and as high as 3,000 square feet.


Do I need to have a location in mind?

You should be familiar with the trade area that you want to develop. We will discuss the options for securing a restaurant location during the franchise evaluation process.


What types of locations are you looking for?

Areas with high foot traffic in the daytime are preferred. Click on the inquiry link on our webpage and we will discuss more with you on about our location and real estate criteria.


What is the typical cost of a Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

Our FDD lists a range of $234,417 to $506,583 for a single unit.


Do I need to be involved in the operations of my Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

Either you or a designated Operating Principal (that owns at least 10% equity) must be involved in the day to day operations of your Breakfast Brunch Cafe Franchise.


What are the financial requirements to open a Breakfast Brunch Cafe franchise?

You and your partners must have a minimum liquidity of about $334k (i.e. cash reserves) per restaurant to be developed.


What are the typical store hours of operation?

We recommend, 7 am – 2 pm/ 7 days a week, at a minimum.


What type of training is provided by Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

You will attend initial training of up to 3 weeks (approx.64 Hours) at our facility in Cypress, TX followed by 1 Week of training prior to, and during the opening of your Breakfast Brunch Cafe.


Approximately how long will it take to open my Breakfast Brunch Cafe?

It will take about 8 weeks to build your store after you have taken possession of your location. Generally, it takes about 12 weeks to create architectural plans, get permits and select a contractor prior to starting the 8-week construction process.


What is the next step?

Fill out the online franchise inquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you.